Some of our City’s issues – A beginner’s guides

One of the greatest things about running for municipal office is that as you get closer to the election day, a number of organizations reach out to you in order to share some background information on what they do in relation to the City. This information is well presented, in a relatively short format, that is meant to educate candidates on various topics such as affordable housing and many other issues. Since this documentation/information is useful, I thought I would put together a blog post where I would make all of the information I’ve received thus far accessible to the average voter. You can access and download these documents by clicking on the sub-titles below. I’ve also added some additional links to the body of the blog that will provide even more information on each topic.

Affordable Housing
This info sheet comes with some important details about the current state of Calgary’s affordable housing stock, which is managed by the Calgary Housing Company (CHC). As an example, according to the CHC, 82% of all the affordable housing that they oversee is at least 30 years or older.

Calgary’s Heritage registry
Heritage Calgary is a charitable civic partner that works with the City of Calgary by focusing on the research, education, preservation of our City’s heritage. If you are like me and you enjoy history/heritage and its preservation, I highly recommend you become more familiar with their work. Besides the document in the sub-title , also see this relevant blog post here.

Calgary Firefighters Association
The Calgary Firefighters Association is a pretty self-explanatory organization that represents over 1350 firefighters and aims to promote the main concerns of their members. Besides the “24 hour shift briefing note” that I’ve included in the main sub-title, I highly recommend that you click on this link as well, as it provides a fantastic comparison of how our City’s firefighter operations compare to other major Canadian cities.

I hope you found this information useful just as I did as a candidate. I plan to add to this blog post as more organizations reach out to me.

Tudor Dinca

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