Tudor’s Bio

Hello everyone, my name is Tudor Dinca and I am running to represent you, the constituents of Ward 5. Born in Romania, my parents choose to immigrate to Calgary in pursuit of a fairer, more open society where they could find a vast array of opportunities for both themselves and for their children.

For my first 7 years in Canada, I both lived and grew up in the neighborhood of Castleridge, having attended both John XXIII and Bishop McNally. Even as a young adult, pursuing a Policy Studies degree at Mount Royal University, I fondly remember spending most of my leisure time, playing tennis at Prairie Winds, hanging out with friends on the weekend or simply enjoying the numerous ethnic restaurants that the area has to offer. Growing up in the NE into a young adult has created a bond for me not only with the physical landscape of the area but its multicultural composition. One of my fondest memories growing up was the fact that my closest friends in high school were of Polish, Egyptian and Vietnamese descent, all three fantastic people to this day that I cherish very much.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been extremely active in the area. From running for City Council in 2017, to working for the local Member of Parliament and Member of the Legislative Assembly until 2020 to volunteering at various community events all the through 2021, I’ve continued to do my part towards the improvement of this quadrant of the city. Not only for my friends, both old and new but for those people who have called it home for 30 years or 3 months and equally as important, for those who will call it home in the future.

As a result of the many lessons that I have learned from living, working and volunteering in the NE , I have had the opportunity to see the world with open eyes, to ponder about cultures that I would have never experienced and to self analyze from perspectives previously not possible. This combined with my education and work experience in public policy and public management will allow me to give back my energy, my knowledge and vision to a community that has been the source of so much personal  growth. If elected on October the 18th as Ward 5’s new City Councillor, I will work as hard as I can with every single individual and business in the area to help improve the safety, infrastructure, services and overall sustainability of its communities.

On October 18th – Vote Dinca Tudor as your Ward 5 City Councillor!