Meet Tudor

Originally from Romania, my parents chose to immigrate to Calgary (2001) in pursuit of a fairer, prosperous and more open society for themselves and for their children.

For our first five years in Canada, our family choose Castleridge as their home. Growing up in the NE, I developed great affection for the area due to the tight relationships that I fostered with people from all over the world. In many ways, growing up in this diverse quadrant of the city has given me a firsthand look at what the Canadian immigrant experience is all about, people of various backgrounds coming together in order to create a better community.

Although I had always had an interest in politics, my developing years in the NE really helped cement my desire to pursue education in the field of public policy. Later on, I decided to foster this further, so I graduated with a BA degree in Policy Studies from Mount Royal University. I continued my studies and developed professionally in various private, public and not-for-profit sector jobs in both Canada and Europe.

Today, I still find myself back in the area. From visiting friends, to working and volunteering in the community, a part of me always feels connected to this quadrant of the city. I know the community well and I want to see it thrive, not only for my friends but for all those who call it home. Due to these experiences and more, I’ve had the opportunity to see the world with open eyes, to ponder about cultures that I would have never experienced and to self analyze from perspectives previously not possible. In gratitude of all the sources of growth that this area has given to me, I would like to give back my energy, my knowledge and vision in order to foster its development and sustainability.

Tudor Dinca