Elect Tudor

The 2017 municipal election brought significant changes to Ward 5. New communities, new boundaries and a new Councillor meant that the most diverse quadrant of our city would be allowed greater opportunities to respond to the needs of its residents, while also aiming to become a modern 21st century urban space.

As this year’s municipal election draws closer, (October 18th, 2021) I am reaching out to you, the constituents of Ward 5. I am looking for your feedback on whether or not our elected officials and our city’s administration have done enough to move the NE forward. Are we on the right path or are we repeating the mistakes of the past? I’ve kept a close eye on these developments over the past 4 years, but in order to better understand and to better prioritize your concerns, I am looking to learn more from your experiences, expertise and wisdom.

Throughout this website you will find information on who I am, what I want to do as an elected official and how I want to do it. I will draw from my past experiences as a resident, employee and a candidate in the area. Please do take the time to review my bio, my platform and overall vision for a quadrant of the city that has given me so much. Together, we can keep our city and elected officials accountable by ensuring that today’s developments/redevelopments are sustainable for years and decades to come.

Let’s do it right!

Tudor Dinca