Why am I running for City Council?

The 2017 municipal election, brought significant changes to Ward 5. New communities, new boundaries and a new Councillor should have allowed for greater opportunities to respond to the needs of its residents. As this year’s municipal election draws closer (October 18th, 2021), it has become abundantly clear that the NE quadrant of the City, even under a new name (Ward 5), continues to suffer from a lack of essential services, poor urban planning, a sub-par public transit network and a shallow community engagement process.

For too long, our elected officials have taken few small steps forward in areas where significant leaps were necessary.  As someone who has kept a close eye on these developments, I can confidently say that the issues I brought to the forefront in 2017 are still relevant today, and in fact, the lack of attention given to them will cost the average taxpayer more today and even more so in the future.

In order to best present my solutions to these key issues, I’ve shared throughout this website information on who I am, what I believe to be the most pressing concerns and the best way to tackle them as an elected City Councillor. I’ve drawn these solutions from my past experiences as a resident, employee and a candidate in the NE, while also reflecting on my experiences abroad. Please do take the time to review my platform and overall vision for a quadrant of the city that has given me so much. Together, we can keep our city and elected representatives accountable by ensuring that our communities’ developments/redevelopments are sustainable for years and decades to come.

Let’s do it right!

Tudor Dinca