Tudor’s Platform

Safe neighborhoods
While door knocking many of you told me how much you value both your personal and your children’s safety. This issue must be addressed; no person should feel unsafe when walking at night or fear for their child’s safety when him/her walk or bike in the community. Safety is necessary to any healthy society and it can be improved upon in a number of ways. As Councillor I will work to ensure additional resources are invested in the Calgary Police Service (CPS) in order to have more police patrols either by car, bicycle or on foot. A stronger CPS presence will improve safety around school zones, playgrounds, parks, back alleys and our homes. Second, we need to design our roads, intersections and neighborhoods as a whole in such a way to make walking, cycling and driving as safe as possible.

Funding new infrastructure
The diversity of Ward 5 is manifested in various lifestyle choices and constrains. Our community would be better off if more people had more choice in how they got around – accessing school, work, recreation and other activities. More choice to move about the ward and around the city not just by car, but also by transit, on bike or simply by foot will make our community more resilient, prosperous and vibrant. In order to achieve this we must demand funding for better road infrastructure, move ahead with the LRT expansion further up in the NE, while also identifying funding for multi-purpose community spaces such as a community center.

Better public services
Services such as snow removal, maintenance of public spaces and lack of appropriate public lighting are concerns that keep popping up during my door knocking sessions. This is for good reason as many corners of the NE have been neglected and fallen in disrepair. As your Councillor I will make sure that the residents of Ward 5 receive the public services you can expect as residents of one of the most livable cities in the world.

Sustainable urban planning
For too long the city has developed based on a short sighted vision, building new districts without access to basic services while allowing existing neighborhoods to decline. This way of development is not sustainable. If we want Calgary to thrive and maintain its position as a world class city, we must invest in more resilient models of community building. We can no longer afford to build communities in ways that dilutes limited resources, leaving both existing and new neighborhoods under-served and lacking the most basic services.

The key to creative, safer, happier and healthier communities is engaging our citizens on topics that are most important to them and empowering them to shape their future. More community participation and participatory budgeting is important not only for the NE but for the city at large. In the old neighborhoods of Ward 5 what was built in the 1980’s simply doesn’t meet our modern day needs. I will champion a new way of working together within the city administration that puts citizens central in the development of our communities so that City Hall can deliver on our needs today and in the future.

Smart, responsible & efficient spending
As every person aims to get the most out of their money so too should the city when it comes to its’ finances. Unfortunately, the current administration’s short sightedness and poor planning has lead to City Hall demanding higher property taxes while delivering sub-par public services. With every new project, with every new contract I will do my very best to make sure that the money being spent in our community and our area has our neighborhoods’ and our city’s best interests in mind.