Ward 5

This upcoming election will bring to Calgary’s most diverse region, new ward boundaries. The communities that will form the new Ward 5 are:

– Castleridge
– Cityscape
– Cornerstone
– Falconridge
– Martindale
– Redstone
– Saddle Ridge
– Savanna
– Skyview Ranch
– Taradale

With this new layout come both some interesting challenges and opportunities. In order to find out more , please click on each of the three areas on the map.Although each area of the ward have their differences, the opportunities and end goals are in fact very similar.

Regardless of whether you live in a new house or an older duplex, in an apartment or a townhouse, we all want to reside, work and play in a community that gives us more than a place to sleep. We want spaces where we can be physically active, but that also provide opportunities for relaxation. We want to partake in cultural activities and professional development while connecting with others.

I am convinced that we can have all of this and more in our NE communities and this is why I am asking for your vote on October the 16th.